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Finger Splint

Our finger Splints are so thin and lightweight with multiple splints that can be worn on one or both hands and they are durable enough to last for years of daily wear.

This stops your knuckle from bending backward due to Swan Neck or Hypermobility (EDS); limits how much your finger bends to stop Trigger Finger/Thumb; protects Crooked or Jammed fingers and stabilizes Arthritic fingers all with the same splint.

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Israel Orthotics finger Splints are ultra-lightweight, comfortable that will hardly feel on your finger or thumb. Clinically proven to help manage multiple finger conditions, the unique oval-8 design will hold your finger straight to help with healing, prevents your knuckles from bending backward or sideways so you can use them better, prevents your finger and thumb from getting stuck when you bend them and support and protect your broken or jammed finger- all with just one splint!

Thin, lightweight, and waterproof, Oval-8 splints are comfortable and durable for all daily activities, including active sports. The difference in Oval-8 sizes is very small and can be affected by swelling or how the splint is worn.


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