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Knee Brace

Israel Orthotics hinged knee Brace is a versatile, high-quality knee orthosis for acute or chronic knee conditions. Its wrap-around closure and range-of-motion joint capability provides numerous options for the clinician.

Israel Orthotics fit knee brace product line is a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality neoprene supports designed to meet the needs of any patient. A removable, universal buttress is included with every sleeve version of the Form Fit Knee Brace for additional, customizable patella support, if necessary.

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Israel Orthotics knee braces are of high quality 68% nylon and 32% spandex, exquisite design technology, adopt unique to protect the stability of leg and knee muscles, and are made with 3D weaving technology, Soft, highly elastic, breathable, prevent leg muscle strain.

The soft fabric spandex is bibulous and good breathable, protecting the leg and knee from pulling during outdoor activities such as running, basketball, football, cycling, and golf, and can be adjustable, 360 degrees sport protective, pressure bandage, and double pressure.



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