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Visco Pillow Reflux

Orthopaedic Visco Visco Reflux Pillow White Visco Wedge Pillow + Neck Support Pillow L65 x W60 x H32 cm Memory Foam Reflux Pillow Soft for Reading TV

Visco pillow reflux is made with 24 cm height in combination with the Visco bolster with 9 cm height (42 x 18 x 9 cm, including elastic for attaching to the wedge cushion). This provides excellent support for the back and neck muscles. Both cushions thus ensure correct lying posture. They prevent tension-related back pain in the area of the neck muscles and relieve existing discomfort.

It can also help with reflux discomfort in that the return flow from the stomach into the esophagus is reduced or completely avoided, e.g. for heartburn or reflux esophagitis. Thanks to a removable and washable polyester cover (100% polyester), the cushions always remain hygienically clean.

So perfect for a restful lying down. Maximum sleeping comfort for healthy sleep and relaxed waking up: Visco foam adapts exactly and especially to the shapes of your body to anatomically perfect shape and individual adjustment breathable returns to its original state after each pressure load with no annoying crushed while lying down more orthopedically proven pain-relieving effect best sleep lafklima High.


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